Other Services:

  • Additionally, Enlace offers emergency clothing, food, and assistance finding housing options. We offer space for community focused meetings, play areas for children, as well as supervised visits.

The Participants:

  • Parents & teen parents
  • Single parents
  • Couples
  • Grandparents & caregivers
  • People with limited financial resources
  • Anyone that wants to develop skills on how to become an active participant in their community

Enlace de Familias trainers will also include the following topics:

Team Work & Discipline

  • To identify the elements of successful teamwork and apply them to parenting
  • To learn the key techniques for discipline and behavior management through understanding of team sports
  • To establish family rules for the whole family

Ages & Stages

  • Understanding that every child (even though very different) must work and face certain tasks in order to developmentally move ahead

Hitting, Fear & Violence

  • To differentiate between nurturing and non-nurturing parenting practices.
  • To identify the intentions and actual outcomes of various parenting practices. To commit to the use of specific nurturing parenting practices that do not represent fear or violence.
  • To understand the differences between “Power – Over” or “Power – to” and how they affect parent’s lives.
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