People Empowering People (PEP):

The People Empowering People (PEP) program is an innovative program designed to build strengths of adults and teens. PEP recognizes the unique strengths, life experiences, and capacities of each person. It emphasizes the connection between individual and community action.

Who participates in PEP?

Community outreach and support workers, people with limited financial resources, parents and single adults, teen parents, and individuals that want to develop their skills on how to become an active participant in their community.

How does PEP work?

Participants attend 10 weekly 2 hour training sessions followed by bi-monthly or weekly training and support meetings. The ten training sessions include values clarification, communication skills, problem solving, the helping role, parenting, action planning, and community assessment and community issues. They also conduct two or more individual or group projects that benefit their community. Trained facilitators conduct the training sessions, bi-monthly or weekly follow up meetings, and provide support to participants who become engaged in community projects.

Who benefits?

PEP participants have improved communication, problem solving and parenting skills, increased knowledge of community resources, increased ability to share new skills or knowledge, increased empowerment in taking steps toward economic self-sufficiency, etc. Communities benefit from adults and teens who believe in their individual and collective ability to achieve their dreams and use their ability to change or enhance their community.

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